The knowledge of Spiritual Sex Science must take to the masses in general. The very important subject of the creation, whose information follows naturally to creatures and animals, should not be kept confidential. Especially when the form of this important science has almost completely deformed and inverted. Those beliefs are going on, if they should be allowed to run, resolved solutions and elegant provisions if not presented, the distortions will continue to thrive, and the human race will continue to do its own destruction by misusing an important power. Now it’s the time that the knowledge of sex-elements based on moderate and science oriented facts should be dared to be show off and the curtail of hesitation should be raised that the deliberation of this great science will be considered as obscene at all levels, it should be kept confidential in every situation. With this hesitation, the human race will remain deprived of a great benefit.

Savitri Kundalini and Tantra – AWGP


Synonyms of Semen

• Semen is fluid with Sperm in men
• Semen is fluid with Ovum or Egg in women
• Semen is I (Self)
• Semen is Life Energy
• Semen is Soul
• Semen is God
• Semen is Psyche (Chitta)
• Semen is Ego (Name or Identity)
• Semen is Subconscious or Subconscious mind
• Semen is Life Consciousness
• Semen is Inner Soul

• Semen is Zygote
• Semen is Seed
• Semen is Chromosome
• Semen is DNA spiral or horoscope
• Semen is Life spiral or horoscope
• Semen is Third eye
• Semen is Sixth sense
• Semen is Nectar, if do Save-Semen
• Semen is Poison, if do Semen-Loss

Soul or Semen

Pocket Universe

Soul or Semen DNA is the software to attract the nature’s resources for success in life

Semen is Seed of the Creator which creates Universe of our Dreams

Two Great Powers of Human

Semen and Brain, with these two great powers human is God himself. Whatever the Brain thinks, the Semen transforms it into reality.

Root Base of Human Life

Like the root of a tree, the root Semen of human, through life energy, attracts the essential resources of success in life from nature network .

Two Path of Human Life

'Semen Losing is Death, Semen Saving is Life'. Means, Semen-Loss is Death in the form of Failure and Save-Semen is Life in the form of Success.

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First Education of Youth

Every human has their own desires or dreams. To fulfil them, everyone wants to succeed in their life. We have often heard that success is very hard and there is no shortcut for success.

But it is a matter of note that there can be innumerable of long-cuts to go from one place to another, but there is definitely a shortcut of straight line between them. Since everybody knows about that shortest path, so all those go on the shortcut path and complete their journey successfully.

Similarly, there can be innumerable wrong answers to any question, but there is only one correct answer. Since we do not know about the question, the probability of correct answer depends on our knowledge. If we become aware of the question to be asked, then by pre preparation we can all be successful by giving correct answers.

In the same way, there can be innumerable long cut method to live with the average or failure of human life, but there is only one shortcut method for achieving success in life. Only a few people who can achieve immense success in life, they all use to knowingly or unknowingly use that shortcut method. If that shortcut is known then everyone can be sure of success by using it. So what is the shortcut to success?

On earth, life is found only in plants, creatures and humans. All the plants of the same type produce flowers, fruits and seeds in equal quantity. They all provide us with almost the same amount of oxygen, wood and shadow etc. In this way, all the plants have the sure success, i.e. the success rate in plants is 100 percent. Similarly, similar types of creatures also live their life equally. Despite not having any external facilities, all creatures lead a similar good life while staying healthy. They all contribute to nature according to their own capacity. Thus, the success rate in creatures also is 100 percent. But the rate of success in the context of humans is exactly the opposite. Plants and creatures do not have Brain, but every human has a super‑computer like strong brain too. Despite having brain like precious gifts of nature, the rate of success in humans is less than one percent.

After all, what is the reason that despite having brain, most of the humans live a life of failure and without having brain, all the plants and the creatures live a successful life? The secret of sure success is hidden in the ways of living of the plants and creatures, and the same is only the shortcut for success in the life of humans. All living beings get a natural resource to live life through food and breath. All plants and creatures naturally preserve that resource, so they all get assured success. Most humans do not have the right information about that resource or there is a lot of misunderstanding about it and due to ignorance keeps on destroying the same resource that is why most people do not get success.

In the base part of the tree there is the root and in the upper part there is the crown. The root only feeds resources to the entire crown. In the same way, in the base part of our body there is the Muladhar (Root Base) and in the upper brain part there is the Sahasrar (Infinite Crown). This root base Muladhar brings success to life while nurturing the whole body. Just as the crown gets dry after cutting the tree from the root, in the same way, most human beings fail in their life while destroying their root, the Muladhar. The only shortcut to success in life is that human must save own Muladhar i.e. Semen. Here reference to Semen is for both men and women. Save-Semen means enjoy married life with life partner only. Apart from this, do not waste Semen (Sperm in men and Ovum in women) through any unnatural method (masturbation, illicit relationship, pornography, obscene mentality, etc.).

Semen is important fuel for human’s life and by preserving it, we get the sure success in life.



I am Semen Semen is Soul Soul is God

Who am I? Often, we want to know the answer to this question. To understand the answer easily, imagine our smallest form. Our smallest form of Physical Life is of our birthday and birth‑time, when we start taking our breath in this world after taking birth from our mother's womb. We count our age from the time of our birth only. But before our physical birth, we live about nine months of pregnancy in the mother’s womb. Our smallest form in the mother’s womb is that when our mother-father’s Semen seeds begins our Spiritual Life becoming an embryo. Molecule sized same Semen seed is born with our brain, body and soul, as a nascent, and then the same nascent grows to become complete human that builds his own movable‑immovable world. The embryo formed by mother-father’s Semen seeds is our subtlest form, i.e. in my subtlest form, I am Semen.

What is Semen? As per theoretical belief for birth of first human, most first God has created a Divine Semen seed from his own part. Generation after generation, all human beings are born on the earth, by dividing the same Semen seed of the God. From God until our birth, the lineage of generation to generation has progressed like this…


From his own part, God created Divine Semen.

Then First-Life was born from God’s Divine Semen.

Then our ancestors were born respectively from First-Life’s Divine Semen.

Then our parents were born from our ancestor’s Divine Semen.

Then we were born from our parent’s Divine Semen.

And currently inside our body, we have the same Divine Semen.

In the divine lively world, the generation lineage of all humans, animals and plants runs as well as this only. In this life cycle, a Divine Rule and a Scientific Proof are worth mentioning.

This is a Divine Rule that the birth of any human, animal and plant, is from their mother‑father's Semen or seed only. Life is short-lived between birth and death, but only in living state of life, human gives birth to his offspring from their Semen. Thus, the same divine Semen created by God Himself, is divided into one to the other in the living state, is transferred from generation to generation. Due to the same life-sustaining continuity of Semen, the holy part of God, which was in the Semen of Frist-Life, being transferred from our ancestors and parents, is in our Semen today. From the beginning of creation till today, in every era in every time, our Semen has always been immortal and in future generations will always be immortal. This divine rule proves itself that in the life cycle, the same Divine Semen of God, goes forward.

This is a Scientific Proof that Semen creates all the cells of the body, and the identity of our own and all previous generation lives in the Chromosome of each cell, as a special DNA Genetic Genes. The way, the identity of the our parent is with our latest DNA Genes, according to the same belief of science, the identity of the supreme father God had also been with the first DNA Genes of First-Life. Since then, the life cycle of generations is running from the Semen through the Semen, and identity of each generation is added to the DNA Genes. DNA Genes of each of our cell contains the complete information from our parents and ancestors up to the First-Life and the God. In this way, the Divine Semen contains Sperm or Ovum, whose Nucleus has Chromosome, and Chromosome contain DNA Genes, whose first DNA Genes itself is the part of God Himself.

Thus, the above Divine Rule and Scientific Proof proves itself that the Semen is God. Our scriptures and scholars have said that Human is God Himself. But in the illusion‑trap of different assumptions and faith we cannot connect with God directly and the search for God seems like a puzzle. It is clear by the simple logic given here that only through the Semen we are in contact with the God. With this explanation of 'I am Semen and Semen is God', it is self‑proven that through the Semen, ‘I am God’.

Brain sees dreams and Semen makes them reality

Our creator Semen is the subtlest form of the God, which is the infinite source of immense power and eternal happiness. With God’s two priceless boons, Semen and Brain, human is God Himself. Dreaming is the work of Brain and their realization is the work of Semen. But due to wrong beliefs and ignorance, human has considered Godly Semen as a means of lust and reproduction only, it is the biggest misunderstanding of the human in present time.


There is a natural similarity in Human and Tree, therefore, in the scriptures, Semen is considered as Muladhar (Root) of human and Brain as Sahasrara (Crown). Through the Root, The Crown gets the necessary food, which leads to Flowers, Fruits and Seeds respectively and the Tree get definite success. Similarly, hormones are formed from seminal Semen, which in turn causes emotions and thought processes in our Brain. According to the thoughts we get the Plans, Actions and Results respectively and we get success. If the Crown of the Tree is separated from the Root, then it becomes dry. Similarly, if human does loss of the Muladhar Semen, then the Sahasrar Brain gets failure in all the actions. Semen-Loss is like cutting our own roots, because by doing physically and mentally Semen-Loss, our own divine power is exhausted. This is the only reason for all the sorrows of human. Human keeps on taking many measures to increase the Brain power, but if did not follow Save‑Semen for success in life, then even higher education has also of no importance.

From ancient times, scholars have taught the theory of celibacy to achieve high success in life, whose basic education is to save the Semen. Knowingly or unknowingly, from ancient times till now, all the great person of the world have achieved immense success by cent‑percent following the Save‑Semen, which is the only principle of success.

Shortcut to Success Save-Semen

is a factual analysis of the same ancient theory.

To get high success in our own life, read, follow and share this book.

Amazon Kindle English E-Book - ₹ 100

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a non-profit philanthropy

Shortcut to Success Save-Semen


Amazon Kindle English E-Book - ₹ 100

Amazon Kindle App is available free for all mobiles and computers. Install Kindle App

a non-profit philanthropy