You will be pleasantly surprised to know that nature has made human beings in such a way that whatever we dream in our mind, it automatically comes true.

If you want to get the desired success in life, then read this carefully. It is a divine law that the seed only makes the fruit, which is equally applicable to all plants, creatures and humans. That is why human beings also get success from seed, because success is also a kind of fruit.
But due to a worldwide misconception, human beings have understood their brain as their mind. In this misconception, most of the human beings destroy their seeds in transient pleasure, considering them to be insignificant, and remain failures in life. To get the desired success, we have to remove this misconception and understand that our mind is in our seeds.
All plants, creatures and human beings are born from a seed, which is called a zygote. A zygote seed first makes the tree, and then many seeds on that tree make many fruits. In the same way, a zygote seed first makes our body, and then many seeds in the body give the fruits of many successes.
The program to get fruit or success from seed is written in the DNA of the seed. The seed contains the four powers of nature in the form of four genetic codons of DNA and RNA. Of these four divine powers, Bliss acts as Thymine or Uracil, Soul as Adenine, Mind as Cytosine and Energy as Guanine.
We dream through Bliss, plan through Soul, think and act through Mind, and obtain resources through Energy. To process DNA and RNA programs, the human brain acts as a processor, the body as a device, and the seed as a SIM card.
Thus our mind is in the DNA of the seeds, which is processed wirelessly in the brain. The dream that our mind situated in the seed sees, that dream becomes the fruit of our seeds. Then, our seeds work subconsciously to make their fruit.
Human beings naturally get the desired success in life in the form of health, wealth, name and fame by following Save-Seed lifelong. Save-Seed means maintaining complete purity in the thoughts and deeds, while having a relationship only with the spouse for life. Save-Seed is the greatest and simplest education of human life.
To understand the science of success Save-Seed in detail on a scientific basis, you must watch the video presentation Divine Dharma Save-Seed or read the e-book.

Since our mind is in our seeds and seed only makes the fruit, therefore, we can get the fruits of the desired success only when Save-Seed is followed lifelong.

Get Success from Seeds

All the flora and fauna of the world follow Save-Seed. Humans also get the fruits of success from their seeds.

Our Brain is not our Mind

Our mind is in our seeds. The dream of our mind is the fruit of our seeds. Follow Save-Seed to make dreams come true

Two Path of Human Life

Maranam Bindu Paten, Jivanam Bindu Dharnat means, Seed-Loss is Death in the form of Failure, Save-Seed is Life in the form of Success

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