Science of Success ~ Save-Seed

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that nature has made human beings in such a way that whatever we dream in our mind, it automatically comes true.

Still, the dreams of most human beings do not come true, because of a world-wide misconception, humans have understood their brain as their mind. In this misconception, those seeds are often destroyed where our mind really lies.

Just as the whole tree is hidden in a seed, similarly the whole being and human is hidden in a seed. Thus, our subconscious mind and conscious mind both are in our seeds. The red spiral of seed DNA is our soul as the subconscious mind, and the blue spiral of seed RNA is our conscious mind. Thus, we think through the mind located in the DNA of our seeds.

The dream we see through the mind of our seed, that dream becomes the fruit of our seeds. It is a natural law that the seed only makes the fruit. All plants, animals and human beings in nature work on the same principle of getting fruit from seed.

Just as, a seed first makes the tree, and then many seeds on that tree make many fruits. Similarly, a seed first makes our body, and then many seeds in the body give the fruits of many successes.

The seed creates the brain in the body for the success of the dreams of its mind. Our brain processes the genetic code of our seed DNA through the wireless nerve system and brings us the success we want.

If you want to make your desired dreams come true naturally, then you have to understand that our mind is in our seeds and our seeds work subconsciously to make our mind’s dreams come true.

To live a successful life, we humans have to understand the Science of Success ~ Save-Seed. Since our mind is in our seeds and seed only makes the fruit, therefore, we can get the fruits of the desired success only when Save-Seed is followed lifelong.

Fruit (Success) from Seed

All Flora and All Fauna of the world follow Save-Seed. Human beings too get fruit (success) from seed only

Humans' Mind is in Seed

We humans think through the Mind of the seeds. Whatever the Mind dreams, the Seed transforms it into reality

Two Path of Human Life

Maranam Bindu Paten, Jivanam Bindu Dharnat means, Seed-Loss is Death in the form of Failure, Save-Seed is Life in the form of Success

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Science of Health and Wealth ~ Save-Seed

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