Wake up! World! Wake up!

The world is heading towards an inevitable Era Change. Divine power gives fruits only through seeds. Only those who follow Save-Seed get the fruits of success as Health and Wealth. Those who will NOT follow Save-Seed, their livelihood problems will increase rapidly and eventually the divine power will destroy them. The present pandemic, rapidly changing global problems and increasing natural disasters, etc. are clearly indicating this.

Practical Reason: Trees without seeds cannot bear fruit, then, such trees are uprooted. Humans too are no exception, therefore humans without seeds cannot get success. Then, divine power who is in the form of Life Energy, destroys such human beings.

Spiritual Reason: From Manu Smriti (8.15) written 15000 years ago

Seed destroys him who destroys Seed and Seed saves him who saves Seed.

So never destroy the seed, fearing that the destroyed seed will destroy us.

Scientific Reason: On destroying an Atom's Neutron particle, a radio-active Atom is also destroyed. In life evolution, Neutrons become the DNA of Seed. Therefore, on destroying Seeds DNA, humans too are also destroyed like an Atom. Seed’s DNA is software of life.

There are many misconceptions about human seeds

Our mind is a means of choosing the dream fruit of our seeds

If Save-Seed is followed, then our dreams come true

For the golden future of yourself and everyone

Understand, Follow and Share the Sole Divine Law of Save-Seed

Two Great Powers of Human

Mind and Seed, with these two great powers human is God himself. Whatever the Mind thinks, the Seed transforms it into reality

Fruit (Success) from Seed

400,000 types of Flora and 8,400,000 types of Fauna follow Save-Seed. Human beings are also no exception in the context that Fruit (Success) comes from Seed only

Two Path of Human Life

'Maranam Bindu Paten, Jivanam Bindu Dharnat' means, Seed-Loss is Death in the form of Failure, Save-Seed is Life in the form of Success

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