The knowledge of Spiritual Success Science must take to the masses in general. The very important subject of the creation, whose information follows naturally to creatures and animals, should not be kept confidential. Especially when the form of this important science has almost completely deformed and inverted. Those beliefs are going on, if they should be allowed to run, resolved solutions and elegant provisions if not presented, the distortions will continue to thrive, and the human race will continue to do its own destruction by misusing an important power. Now it’s the time that the knowledge of sex-elements based on moderate and science oriented facts should be dared to be show off and the curtail of hesitation should be raised that the deliberation of this great science will be considered as obscene at all levels, it should be kept confidential in every situation. With this hesitation, the human race will remain deprived of a great benefit.

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya – Savitri Kundalini and Tantra – AWGP

Two Great Powers of Human

Seed and Brain, with these two great powers human is God himself. Whatever the Brain thinks, the Seed transforms it into reality.

Root Base of Human Life

Like the seed of a tree, the Seed of human, through life energy, attracts the essential resources of success in life from nature network .

Two Path of Human Life

'Seed Losing is Death, Seed Saving is Life'. Means, Seed-Loss is Death in the form of Failure and Save-Seed is Life in the form of Success.

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